Millionare Signal

Millionaire Signal is a trading signal that trades 3 currency pairs - EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD. These currency pairs are being traded based on different methodologies and trading strategies. Trading is performed by 7 seperate EAs, however, on daily basis the performance is monitored by our team.

Currency pairs.



Trades are being performed on different timeframes:

EURUSD - 15minutes (M15), 30 minutes (M30), hourly (H1) graphs;

GBPUSD - 15 minutes (M15) graph;

USDJPY - hourly (H1) graph.

Usage of TP/SL.

3 of 7 Eas are based on low-risk grid-type of trading, which means the following:

Trades don't have pre-determined SL and TP levels.

Positive trades are being closed soon after they run in profits, as the signal does not look to bring large profits per trade.

Negative trades are waited out. Although no Stop-loss function is being actively used, tiny trading sizes gives market the breathing space to eventually turn to predicted side.

4 of 7 Eas are based on more "mainstream" strategies, which involve active usage of TP and SL functions.

These strategies look to capitalize upon potential breakouts, which would indicate start or continuation of pro-longed trend.

Risk per trade.

Because of non-existance of Stop-loss function for some of the used Eas, theoretically, risk per trade is as high as 100%, however:

During 10 years of back-testing, only twice the backtests have surpassed the DD level of 50%.

Trading frequency.

On average, this signal should generate between 10-30 trades per week.

Notice from the authors.

  • although EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD currency pairs have been backtested on these Expert Advisors and have shown great individual results, there is no 100% guarantee of future success. It is impossible to fully predict the future, all we can do is to make educated guesses;
  • there is always a chance that drawdown might spike and surpass that from historical data;
  • as EAs waits out the losing trades, there might be situations when individual positions are being kept open for days or even weeks.

No manipulation of results.

Trading signal will be online since the very first day, therefore, there will be no unrealistic growth/drawdown ratio.


Correlation matrices of used Eas:

Quality of backtests.

The authors of Millionaire Signal have tested this signal before offering it to the public. Results on live account are exactly the same as those on backtests.

Risk disclaimer.

The authors of Millionaire Signal are not responsible for both gains and losses of the followers. Millionaire Signal gives it's followers an opportunity to copy trading system, that has been successfull in the past, however, this signal copier should be used at followers' own risk. Do not invest money that You cannot afford to lose. The authors of this signal will not be pressured or forced by law into reimbursing users' lost fonds. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.